I seem to have lost the pictures i took making this really bad idea of a mold.. I did a lot of things wrong here,
some good too.
First of all, I thought i would get away making a silicone mold for a silicone puppet, if only i used enough loosing spray, and on top of that a different kind of silicone for the puppet. But as turned out, bad idea. Getting it out, it became clear the puppet got stuck to the mold at some places.
Secondly, the mold itself is monstrous, and not easy to use. The three parts where a good idea, as will become clear later on, when i go for my second attempt, making it a two part mold. I just made the mistake of making these huge lumps of silicone moldparts, not easy to pry off each other, and certanly don't help when you try to carefully get the puppet out without tearing it's skin.

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